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About The Owner

Daliswan Robinson is an Army Veteran who decided to separate from the Army to be a stay at home mother and pursue her education towards a B.S  in Psychology with a focus in Social Work and Domestic Violence. After serving in the U.S Army for over 9 years and giving birth to her baby boy Jacobi, she decided to do more for her community and be a PRESENT mother for her child. She didn't want to miss any milestones or precious little moments due to deployments and training. Becoming a mother was everything Daliswan could have imagined and more, but like all mothers do, she struggled with her body image and confidence. Apart from the major weight gain during pregnancy (50+lbs)  and then weight loss (-75lbs) she could no longer fit any of her clothes. Daliswan realized that being a mother is equivalent to being the Black Swans of society. Everyone glamorizes the mom life but no one talks about the dark side of motherhood (self-esteem issues, body shaming, mom-guilt, post-partum depression) and how long it takes to love yourself again. Black Swan Maternity Limited Co. was created to give all Mothers their confidence back with clothing that will last them through all of the beautiful transformations we go through to bring life into this world!


Daliswan Robinson

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Our Brand

Black Swan Maternity Limited Co. also known as Black Swan Exclusive was created to help women regain their confidence and look amazing through all stages of life.  Whether you're nursing, pregnant or just gave birth we have the perfect dress for you! At Black Swan we believe it shouldn't be a choice whether you feel comfortable or beautiful, you can be BOTH!  We have all of the newest styles and trends in one place so there's no need to look in three different stores for something basic. When shopping with BSM, know that you are supporting a brand that stands against Domestic Violence and Abuse. We donate 10% of all purchases to Womanspace Inc. a non-profit located in Mercer County, New Jersey that serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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